Horde Servers

Order a Horde Pavlov Server


Rankings & KDA Stats Live!

Servers will automatically record live Kills, Deaths, Assists Statistics for you and other players to track performance. All player performance data can be viewed on Horde's global scoreboard or filtered by specific servers, time frames, maps, players, and more. The Horde Awards are given weekly based on these stats through the Horde Discord.

Global Hosting - Lowest Pings!

Choose from 17 locations around the world to get the best pings for play.

Web Server Manager

The Web Horde Server Manager portal allows you to check your server details, change the server name, change the server PIN, and change the map rotation with game modes. All changes are saved directly, immediately, as many times as you want.

Web RCON Tool

The Web RCON tool allows server owners to issue commands to a server during a live game. You can kick a player, reset the match, switch to a different map (any map, even if its not in the server rotation!), set a custom player skin, give items (including new WW2 guns and items!), and more.

Updated Maps - Ready to Use

All Quest maps are updated regularly and available for map rotation and RCON SwitchMap usage. If you can't find a map here then please contact Chingghis on the Horde Discord.

Custom Discord Bot

Current server player counts, KDA stats, map and teams can be streamed live to your discord channel. Always be informed when people are joining your server.

Coming Soon
Advanced Discord Bot

Manage all rcon commands from Discord!

Player Careers

View all players' performance over time!